Stunning iOS 7 Concept Video Shows Off Dream List of New Features

It has barely been six months since Apple released
iOS 6, but that doesn’t mean we can’t start
dreaming about what’s to come in iOS 7.
A new concept video for iOS 7 will have you
dreaming of all the possibilities for Apple’s next
operating system for iPhone and iPad. Federico
Bianco, who created the video, demonstrates how
Apple could add a dream list of new features into
the existing OS without drastically overhauling its
look and feel.
Bianco re-imagines the functionality for everything
from the lock screen and settings options to the
iBooks shelf and Mission Control. In the concept
video, users can customize the lock screen so they
can tap to make a call without swiping to unlock.
You can also swipe across the top of the lock
screen to turn on Wi-Fi or Airplane mode.
There are options to quickly reply to text
messages, browse through all the app windows
you have open and even close all open apps with
one tap — an option that would no doubt save you
time and battery life. Each of these features is
designed to reduce whatever friction still remains
in using Apple’s mobile devices.
Apple traditionally unveils the latest mobile OS at
its Worldwide Developers Conference each
summer, though noted Apple blogger John Gruber
recently said he’s heard rumors that iOS 7
development is behind schedule and Apple is
pulling engineers from other departments to work
on it.
How do you like Bianco’s ideas for iOS 7? What
features and functions would you add? Enlighten us
in the comments.

Video link :


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