Google Play Store 4.0 redesign rolling out to Android phones and tablets today


Would news of an upcoming Google Play Store redesign completely blindside you? Of course not, but it’s great to see it come to fruition sooner rather than later. The oft-whispered 4.0 update has now been officially acknowledged by Google and is ready for digital distribution starting today. What exactly is fresh and exciting about the new look? According to a blog post written by Play group product manager Michael Siliski, it focuses on bigger images, grouping together similarly themed content and offering new recommendations as you move down the page. Checkout has also been simplified just a tad. The update will be available for any phone or tablet running Android 2.2 or better, and it will begin rolling out today worldwide –with such a hefty drain on Google’s servers, however, the company warns that it may be a few weeks before it arrives on your particular device.

Well I was really excited to hear this news because the last Google Play store was very slow according to me.
Hopefully the new update is good & fast.


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