Watch Kamasutra in 3D


The new book called Kama Xcitra comes with images that can transformed into 3D images with ability to rotate 360 degrees when seen through an augmented reality app on a smartphone or tablet.

Kamasutra, a guide on sexual positions written by Vatsyayan some 2000 years ago, has now got a technological transformation. A new version of the book has now been released with 3D hologram technology which lets the users enjoy the images in 3D using the camera of smartphone or tablet.

This spiral bound book contains 69 illustrated positions that become interactive 3D holograms (images), which can be rotated 360 degrees to explore each position for maximum enjoyment. Colour of skin and hair on the image can also be changed.

The 3D images can be seen through the camera of a smartphone or a tablet once the user downloads any augmented reality application like Wikitude, Junaio etc from app stores like Google Play for Android.

The book is available on for $9.99 (Rs 550 approx).


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