Possible new Samsung tablets’ specs leak

The unconfirmed tablets include an 8- and 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab 3 and a possible Google Nexus 10 competitor.


There are many different Galaxy tabs but Samsung isn’t done with the line just yet.

Leaked specifications for three new Samsung tablets show some promising additions to its already expansive lineup. Android Community reports that the Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, in 10.1-inch and 8-inch versions, were leaked in addition to a higher-end 10.1-inch tablet.

The Samsung Galaxy Tab 3 models are rumored to ship with Android 4.1, sport a 1,280×800-pixel resolution, and house a 1.5GHz dual-core CPU, as well as a 3-megapixel rear camera, a 1.3-megapixel front camera, and microSD card slot.

The 10.1-inch Galaxy Tab 3 is listed to have 1GB of RAM, in comparison to the 8-incher’s 2GB of RAM, and has 16GB of internal storage. The internal storage of the 8-inch tablet wasn’t leaked but it is expected to match the 10.1-inch model with 16GB.


This low-quality image, which shows some Galaxy Note design influences, is said to be the rumored Samsung “Roma” tablet.

The rumored high-end 10-inch Samsung tablet, code named “Roma,” runs Android 4.2, features a 2,560×1,600-pixel resolution, and a dual-core 1.7GHz Samsung Exynos 5 processor.

Other leaked specs include 2GB of RAM, a Mali-T604 GPU, and 16GB of internal storage with a microSD slot. The tablet is also said to feature Bluetooth 4.0, a front-facing 1.9-megapixel camera, and a rear-facing 5-megapixel camera.

Overall, the Samsung Roma tablet appears to be a direct competitor to Google’s Nexus 10 tablet. The high resolution, CPU, GPU, and RAM that the Roma is rumored to sport are the same as the Nexus 10’s.

The Roma tablet could have an edge over the Nexus 10 with its microSD card slot and slightly thinner and lighter, yet unconfirmed, dimensions.

All tablets are speculated to have 3G or 4G connectivity and Samsung has yet to confirm or announce the release of the Galaxy Tab 3 or Roma tablets, so check back to GSKmobile for future developments.

Samsung Tablets have always impressed me, and their rumours are really exiting because now Samsung is concentrating on 8 inch tablets. Like Note 8.0 , Tab3 will also features 8.0 inch screen, that is just small upgrade from tab2 which was 7.0 inch.


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